About us

The Noble Foundation

Connecting people, sharing knowledge, empowering communities.


To ensure all marginalized communities are able to gain the connections, knowledge and empowerment to build a more just, equitable, and healthy society. We support the idea that “the comm’UNITY’ knows what the comm’UNITY’ needs” and has the ability, tools and power to respond and organize together.


We envision a community where all people are inspired to live, work and play through their natural leadership abilities by recognizing comm”UNITY” strengths and power.


  • honor of all cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs as necessary voices to ensure our work produces safety and respect towards all communities.
  • committed to ensuring all vulnerable and traumatized community members are addressed without judgement.
  • respect to diversity of thoughts, abilities, perspective, and the environment of all individuals.
  • Passion for ensuring our service in the community is delivered with integrity and excellence.

Our Work

The work we do in the community consists of four cores.


Providing cultural humility training to professionals.


Organizing women centered peer support groups.


Educating youth and parents about racial justice.


Building community through brave spaces.

Our Team

Meet the passionate people that make it all happen.

Ophelia Noble

Board Member

Ophelia Noble is a Community Organizer and Social Justice Advocate working to
ensure community voice is respected and requested in ways that promote reciprocity. She has over 20 years’ experience working in the social services field while adopting a health equity lens to promote and support health equity. Ophelia is deeply passionate about creating change through community empowerment, engagement, and love.

Sarah Chivers

Board Member

Sarah Chivers is a sociologist and social justice organizer based out of Beaverton,
Oregon. She has over ten years of experiences teaching in college classrooms and facilitating community based research to promote equity and inclusion in the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Wilson

Board Member

Sarah Wilson has worked in the Social Services field for the past 7 years after
completing her Masters degree in Social Work at Eastern Washington University. Her passion lies in the development and integration of community-based programs toensure access to health is equitable and transparent in Southwest Washington.

Sarah’s belief in the bottom-top approach ensures community needs are approached with dignity, respect, and reciprocity. She strongly believes in breaking down barriers to health care access for those experiencing mental health and chemical dependency issues in our community.

Ashley Giha

Board Member

Ashley Giha is a mom with a medical field background who became involved in social justice organizing when she and her family relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. For the past two years, she has been involved with different groups from educating youth and parents about racial justice to MotherWoman support groups.