Our 2019 Initiatives

Initiative #1

Multi-Cultural Center

"Safe Space" Communities

In 2016, Comm"UNITY" members throughout Southwest Washington emphasized the need for "Safe Spaces" in the community to support community-based, community-led initiatives and programs.  The Noble Foundation has been supporting comm"UNITY" vision and creation "Our Place Multi-Cultural Center/Nuestra Casa Centro Multicultural" in Kelso/Longview, WA. In addition, we are supporting the infrastructure development of the "Brandi Williams' Teen Community Center" to Vancouver, WA. 

"Safe Spaces are critical to the development of improving health outcomes in our community, this is the space where strong ties, community building, and community voice is heard the strongest and loudest." said Sarah Chivers, Executive Director of The Noble Foundation.

Initiative #2

Southwest Washington Communities United for Change logo

Culturally Specific, Community-Based Programs

"Group Peer Support" Programming

Comm"UNITY" has provided growing feedback in Southwest Washington that an investment in Culturally Specific, Community Led programs are essential to ensure community-based solutions promote health and wellness across and amongst cultures.

"It is critical to establish 'Culturally Appropriate' services in our community and who better to strategically develop and implement these services at the community level." said Ophelia Noble, Executive Director of The Noble Foundation. 

Initiative #3

Southwest Washington Emergency Response Against Hate

Cross-Cultural Narrative Project

""Our Reality In The Comm'UNITY'

Since 2014, The Noble Foundation, has been working diligently to capture authentic community voice in Southwest Washington. The cross-cultural narrative project is designed to ensure marginalized comm"UNITY" voices are centered in our current and future initiatives. 

"It is so important to understand how Southwest Washington's marginalized community members experience the community, our goal is to support the hopes, dreams, and passions of the comm"UNITY".  said Ashley Giha, Board Member of The Noble Foundation.